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on 580, what police are telling us this morning. good news from the gaza strip, what a happening now after a cease-fire was declared. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning, it is thursday november 22nd, i am in for pam cook. >> steve is right there, we get to ask him, how dry are we? >> it is dry. i like that tie, too, very sharp, sir. we have clear skies except for patchy fog and it will be sunny and a little bit warmer and jetstream is going north for a while. 60s on those highs here is my friend sal. good morning, as you cross 880 not a bad drive, a lot of
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people have the day off and chp doesn't, just a word of warning. and 580 in panola, our news crew was there at the accident scene shortly before 4:00 a.m. and one person was hurt and it took about an hour for chp crews to clean up, they still don't know what caused this crash. let's go back to the desk. bay area charities are busy and they are preparing holiday meals to make sure nobody goes without this thanksgiving day. live in the salvation army, i can smell the food, alex and i know volunteers are working hard this early in the morning. >> i wish you could smell what it smells like here. it started to smell delicious and they have a lot going on this morning. they have 5,000 meals they are trying to get ready.
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those are the yams and they are working on the gravy, chef, you are in charge of this operation here. >> we are all in charge of this operation. >> team effort. >> what does it take to prepare 5,000 meals? >> a lot of work and a lot of love. we have been cooking turkeys around the clock and certainly on behalf of everybody here, we are so honored and privilege to serve this beautiful meal today. >> you have to get up early for that. >> let me ask you about this. look at all this gravy, it smells delicious. that is quite a mixture, where do you get one of those? >> well, you can get that at any supply restaurant store and you can get that right here, a
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mini blender is not going to work. >> they will prepare those 5,000 meals and for all of those who are home bound, elderly and can't leave their homes, and this thanksgiving they will prep all the miles. >> thank so much to all of our volunteers and thanks a lot, gone, gone. >> and that's shawn chef b, who will be out here throughout the morning. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. and the restaurant will provide 600 thanksgiving meals for the needy. the first will be at st. paul's
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a piss call church. -- a piss kept pal church. >> many are serving in food banks across the area and they are struggling to come up with enough food to meet increased demand. and coming up at 5:15 the other proposed is prepared to be hope for the holiday rush. live in panola this morning, i can see those tents behind me and some have been camped out for days, right lorraine? >> reporter: yes, we here when there was just a few tents and you can see the tents go all the way down the side of the
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building. two retailers are said to open and they are getting ready for those early deals and one person told me it is a mad dash to get prepared for hundreds of early shoppers. >> crazy business, we are trying to set everything on the floor. all the televisions are lined up and we are waiting. >> he said he is thankful to have the rest of his turkey day off and the mood inside the store is happy to get the time and a half and all of that extra pay to pay for overtime
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and wrapping live lorraine blank key.$♪. >> wal-mart fears most stores will open. the great mall in those par gone outlets will reopen. westbound 580 in oakland. last night two cars were firing shots at each other near the seminary exit. one car was ridelled with bullets and one passenger was gone by the time police got there. traffic was diverted and it happen at 1130 11:30. a man was found on seminary around 9:30. now police were told the victim
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had been found at another location and drove to hilton street and that's where he was shot. we don't know his name yet and there is no word on a motive. so far, the meeting between israel and gaza seems to be holding. people celebrated as part of the cease-fire agreement they negotiated a deal that would open gaza's borders. >> this is a critical region. they are assuming the sponsorship that has long made this region an area of piece. >> at get the latest headlines from the middle east just look for the world tab which on the front
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page. let's check traffic, sal, do you think you will be busy this morning you always say that. >> i think claudia and dave, a lot of people will not be commuting because most people don't have to work except for us and firefighters and police officers, right? but we will have people driving and shopping and it is the first time they saw the rain storm we had some funnel so just be careful chp does maximum enforce and the they are being looking for desk anything nateed driver. we will not have a big commute
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and if you have to go we are off to a very good start. a little bit of patchy fog, the recent rain sets up everything, inland fog, radiation drops and so far it is only patchy i think we need another day to set up shop. we don't need any breeze at all but we have the clear conditions and conditions are getting ripe. for yesterday, it is long gone. 46 in oakland 41 out to fairfield, a little voice out, it will be sunny and nice.
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patchy cold compared to yet during this timement and some of the nicest weather is a long the cruz and it is cooler no doubt about it. the next hint of the end will be fog sunny happening now in new york city. clouds are forming along the route of the famous macy's thanksgiving day parade. this is a great shot. for the mace a's parade, i am trying to fight out who is the best. along the parade route, it was set aside for victims of the
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super storm sunday and controversially speaking -- controversially speaking, he is due appear on a float despite the resignation of the actor who did the resident signature nation, however elmo will be in the parade. and an invasion, it is causing problems from homeowners and what happened, we'll seement and it is causing problems on the bay area and we will have reports on the roads.
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. we are learning new details about osama bin laden's details about his burial at sea. the e-mails reveal traditional islamic procedures were followed and only a small group was notified. he was killed in his come noun pakistan. it marks many years since the assassination of president kennedy.
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he was shot as he rode through dallas texas back in 1963. many people still say they can remember where they were and what they were doing when it happened. after it happened, they arrested lee harvey oswald. 1,500 americans are hungry on this thanksgiving day and more people are using food stamps than ever and food banks have less to offer this thanksgiving. the demand for food assistance could go up dramatically. >> reporter: anita is stocking up at a food bank for her church's thanksgiving dinner expecting a ladies and gentlemen than usual crowd. >> what we have been seeing is the need has gotten so much greater. >> she is noticing fewer
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choices, contributions from the federal government and contributions are down. >> the majority of this food goes to children and seniors which is extremely important. >> reporter: in the past year, the federal government has cut its contribution to food banks that serve hundreds of charities by a third, which means more empty shelves and more hungry people. and as congress proves, there is more demand in local pantries. it forces half a million people to lose $90 a month in food stamps and makes thousands ineligible. some say it has become too big. >> half the people receiving food stamps are above poverty rate. >> reporter: cutting food
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stamps should not be an option until the economy improves. they are expected to take it up after the thanksgiving break. in washington allison burns, in washington ktvu channel 2 morning news. look at all those wild turkeys in danville there. some bay area residents say turkeys are invading their yards and leaving droppings on their cars. it is also a serious problem after hitting a flock of turkeys. they recommend using a water hose to shoe them from your
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home. >> the sacramento information could curb funds. it allows manufacturers to curb production by giving them the option of purchasing credits to keep greenhouse gases above a certain cap. and they are making arrests over blackout wednesday. and the number of dui arrests coming up in the city and where fights broke out, we will have more and explain. >> and we have some problems but as people are heading out, it looks pretty good. >> yes, one of the things i want to let you know, interstate 580 is back open again after the police activity and it went along and take a look at the count my and we see
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some flashing lights or perhaps something is going on and we will let you know. i see it moving up there, the car is going somewhere apparently code three, we will let you know. also this morning, we are looking at the commute, traffic northbound. southbound ooh -- 1:01 let's go to steve. we have a cloud of fog forming and it looks like in the east bay they are in line for some fog otherwise it will be sunny and nice and a dry pattern and everything looks good until next first and
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friday. cold out there, colder lows. our system from yesterday is long gone and they are headed 15 to 20 due to cloud cover and also the rain and you can see everything is sunny and nice. combed and low. also cool over towards the cat midnight, who woke her up. i know that feeling. watch the fog in the valley, with your weekend always in view, nice sunny and warmer. well, european markets opened for the next day and
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they should have tried. despite that report china shanghai fell a quarter of a percent. and if he fell. nasdaq was up over 9 and the s&p 500 will open about 5 points. it will open for a half session. he goes to a small college but now and three in a row an end incredible, they are talking about a court ordered management process. stay tuned.
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. he has learned a lot which was ordered by the court. sheriff ross mirkarimi was ordered on probation for bruising his wife's arm. he wants to restore his relationship and most of the communication has been through the media. people in downtown petaluma after several fights broke out,
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police are calling it blackout wednesday. they say the fights and drunk driving is a common problem on the night before thanksgiving. >> all the bars are just packed. i don't know why everybody wants to drink so much before eating a turkey. >> it is the second don't new year's for drunk driving and they know high school fans are getting ready for the big game. high school will battle this year's turkey bowl. this year's resounding regular season win on today's game. he became an instant
5:26 am
celebrity by shattering a point game. tuesday night he racked up an incredible 138 points. the old record was set more than 50 years ago and taylor said he knew he was going to make history. >> the point where he hit 7 or 8 threes in a row on consecutive possessions at that moment i knew something special was happening. >> he is already making the rounds. >> reporter: and he has claudine wong talking about him too. now let's go to sal, he will talk to us about the commute. on thanksgiving we honestly have a decent drive and we have
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some troubled spots. just be careful, getting up to highway 17, no major problems and this morning's sunole grade is off to a better start than yesterday, let's go to steve. fog developing on the delta even towards napa airport. there is nothing there and the two will be in the 60s and we will not have to wait another week or so for rain. we will have more on the entire beach opening to the public. it is one of the biggest turkey trots in the nation and in san jose, thousands are gathering for a little picture.
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try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick.
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. good morning, your time now is 5:30 we will go right over to steve paulson who has an awesome forecast. >> it is dry . >> i'll take it. >> overall, other than that, it will be sunnyside up and a little bit warmer, here is sal. there are no major problems here ,if you are driving on interstate 880, that is a nice looking drive, let's go back to the desk he can are. if you can smell that good smell we know where it is and at the salvation army in san francisco, he is busy this morning, alex? >> the goal is to make it
5:32 am
better for 5,000 peoplement so the meal will come to them and it is all being prepared in the homes this morning and there is the stuffing getting all prepared. i want to show this massive mixer and you know you are making a lot of gravy and the turkey is being prepared and the yams and the stuffy and i want to bring executive orders for hose who are home this morning. you have seen a number of increases though, haven't you? >> yes, last year at the end we served 4600 and this year we plan on doing 5100.
5:33 am
we will try to push as far as we can. how much of a -- >> reporter: how much of a challenge is that? >> well, we have partners coming in from the fire department, united states army and it is a effort and the real prep area. they will put all much these miles in packs and they will get their delivery maps to those who are in need and keep keeping an eye on what is going on. ktvu channel 2 morning news and
5:34 am
they will also start serve willing ahead of today's feast. he will be serving about 5,000 meals and the dinners will include turkey, ham, sweet potato tow and we have he more on our channel 2 website ktvu channel 2 morning news. also happening right now and we have the second largest curb can i shot in the nation. here is more. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. right now and police have been here since mitt nightment once
5:35 am
the first race against underway as of last night 2 had thousand people had register store to keep and more. this is the second largest race of its kind in the country and the majortive people are together a big thanks if i having meal. but bee the races this year the roll of ramps will be kept open so they will have easy access which was not the case in years past. free parking spaces will be available. and people are couraged to use at the deer dna station.
5:36 am
it will be come ecome slowing things down and we'll see people rolling things in n-next hour, jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the annual 5k and 10k turkey shot trot and san francisco will hold theirs in 18 point park. and it will benefit the track teams. and the first call came in near san jose. and we are trying to find the out about it but the cause of that fire is still under investigation. and in palo alto, they are asking for the public's help.
5:37 am
they responded to a call about shots fired. he sought treatment in an area pop the. he is a 28-year-old anybody with information on the shirks with the shooting. a man died. he was outlooking to his missing cat behind the shopping center when he fell down the 100-foot cliff into the water. alameda sheriff's divers came looking for him but it was too late and they found him bean neath the service of the -- surface of the water. now the owners of that choir want to see if anything like this can be up inhibited again.
5:38 am
sewerage spilled along the great highway early wednesday morning. contaminated water flooded parts of the beach including the parking area and the western beach. the rain overwhelmed that system and it may take while before the sections of that beach were not opened. wal-mart needs to do that now. >> reporter: employees say they plan to picket a 8:00 wm. -- p.m. yesterday 20 workers marched through wal-mart demanding better pay. it will happen through thousands of wal-mart stores nationwide however that picketing is not expected to
5:39 am
affect somalia say -- holiday shopping. and after his great performance, the quarterbacks will be making ago am move for today's game. we'll see. time now is 538 into the lot of itment and we are already out watching some of the malls even though the malls will not be opened until later today. and we have to remind you most of the stores are on sunday's scheduled and i tonight think there will be much of a commute today and there are who major
5:40 am
problems there, traffic on sap fran driver and also this morning we are looking at the interstate and traffic on 101 perhaps you are trying to get to the airport and that looks very nice, let's go to steve. a very clear morning and it is noticeably cooler, compared to yesterday, when we had some of the rain and the fog and you can sow from clear skies but if you don't interest any money it will happen early next week. clear skies on the temperatures except for that fog and it is warmer 60s and 70s. and sunshine looks good even up in the mountains and separate lizsment san francisco -- and
5:41 am
valleys and san francisco stays warm. watch out for it. it is tough to warm up against you get a north breeze near of 00 to 70-degree and it will be sunny and nice. in new developments, poisonous mushrooms searched up in the gold country. and the further nominal. why there is focus on campus
5:42 am
on your morning drive, we will have more on your morning drive this thanksgiving thursday.
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. >> all right, steve, welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the stories we are following. police are investigating last night's freeway shootout on 580. two people in cars were firing shots at each other and it happened near the cemetery exit. it doesn't appear to be hit and no arrests have been made yet. people are lining up for friday, some store dealsment
5:45 am
and they are perks personning a back lamb as wellment and there is an online target to give them off on 2000 signatures. and is a peers to be on both sidesment they hoped to yes wait along with the new president. they say it was a taliban suicide bomber that attacked a shi'ite plus room today. he tried to join the procession and set off his explosives. -- explosives. you are looking at armature
5:46 am
bombings by government war planes and they are killing at least 40 people, all of this as the government land arizonas out coalition. according to the washington post, investigators want to know if general david petraeus instructed his staff to give his biographer, paula broadwell class i have document he mentioned they provided other documents to paula broadwell for her work. general david petraeus resigned -- resign after admitting to an extra marital affair with paula broadwell. here is a man accused of two
5:47 am
break-ins and one attempted berkeley and small and grab. now a third decision has been made. pick those mushrooms and he used them to make soup, serving them to residents not knowing they were deadly. the latest was a 90-year-old map theme other people became ill. bart, san francisco, muni and valley transit all all on holiday scheduled but the golden gate ferries are not even in service today. and at the only bus service is a along county areas and they
5:48 am
are as close the and thanknd -- looking for tradition plus what makes this year different than in the past. they are looking at quarterback and it left him one starting game. remember he threw for 240 yards and they are reporting the jim harbaugh that will be performing. the coach would not announce a starter during yesterday's conference. >> to me it is the opposite of a controversial where it is 'argument and a decision will be made from a team aspect
5:49 am
coming from the seam direction and half bar is based on that. and there are others at 9:30 houston texas plays detroit lions and we will show you the dallas cowboys and at 520 -- 5:20, new england patriots taking on the new york jets. let's go back to call sal castaneda they only thing i want to inform you, chp is doing enforcement and have more cars on the road and more people to look for day.
5:50 am
and i am following ought rules and on the westbound, there are no major problems and certainly people go shopping and grocery stores for example will be open and most people, not everyone has the day off. let move around. this is not expected to be a big commute getting into san francisco and on i am keeping a close eye on the airport just incase the you have a thanks giving flight let's go to steve. there is system there, not the coat tall look in. there are some areas. sunshine and it looks a little bit warmer although the lows are no doubt about it colder.
5:51 am
upper 60s like we had yesterday with the rain everything with the storm track said no. and that watch chi fog says -- apache fog says it cools and other areas look nice and warm into the holiday weekend. hollister's brand has been giving the okay to stay in history. the company that made twinkies and won terrible freight the other 33 are shutting down nowment the remaining will be late off by march.
5:52 am
they are reporting and those celebrities and a handful offers are requests their others and they must he be cleared on the website of autism people thes. well we know they are married but why are police searching for the bride and groom. what police is in the area, why it is off limit for the rest of the year. of the
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. 5:54 the statue of liberty will be closed for the rest of the year, what is left of it. super storm sandy caused too much damage not only to the statue but to ellis island. both will stay close for several to twoment it shattered win toes and puckelled floors,
5:56 am
sierra will open for running and skating and snowboarding. they were open in terrain park with new boxing and rails. it allowed them to open by the way and total of 8 later so hop police. the gold briefcase containing the wedding pictures was found outside the kinder care child center. here is a look at the front. it is decorated including the information at the bottom of the paint 198, if you contact the could couple mess contact
5:57 am
the police. the san pass -- fran show, it is the first -- the san francisco show runs through mundane we have new details about the show this year. look for the web link section which is under hot topics. >> a great segway to sal, else watching our roads now and how are we looking? >> i think we are looking good and dave, i think you will be happy, how many times. the roads are doing very well all over the place. watch your speed and you don't want to be getting a ticket out on thanksgiving. traffic look good let go back
5:58 am
to the text. we are counting down the hours in black friday and they are showing because of a holiday controversy. and a it's clear and cold and we will have your weather and be done with the forecast in two minutes.
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